Lincoln County Cooperative
Weed Management Area

Organization: A CWMA is established under the authority of the Federal Noxious Weed Act of 1974 (PL 93-629) (7USC 2801 et seq.) as amended by the Food, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act of 1990, section1453 (Section 15, “Management of Undesirable Plants on Federal Lands”), The New Mexico Noxious Weed Control Act (76-7-1to 76-7-22 NMSA 1978), New Mexico Harmful Plant Act (76-7A-1 to 76-7A-11 NMSA 1978), New Mexico Noxious Weed Act of 1963 (76-7-23 to 76-7-30 NMSA 1978), New Mexico Rangeland Protection Act (76-7B-1 to 76-7B-7 NMSA 1978), New Mexico Noxious Weed Management Act (76-7D-1 to 76-7D-6 NMSA 1978), and the Noxious Weed Executive Order of June 8, 2000.

Function: A cooperative weed management area is a partnership of federal, state, and local government agencies, tribes and various interested parties that manage noxious plant species in a defined area. Noxious weeds are defined by state statute as a plant species that is not indigenous to New Mexico and that has been targeted pursuant to the Noxious Weed Management Act for management or control because of its negative impact on the economy or the environment.

We Serve: The people of Lincoln County

Why: To identify, control and / or remove noxious plant species and therefore increase the diversity and health of desired native plants.


    Critical Noxious Weed Issues:

  • Awareness and Education
  • Treat and Prevent the Spread of Noxious Weed Species
  • Funding and Resources
  • Inventory, Mapping and Treatment Assessments / Monitoring
  • Early Detection and Rapid Response
  • Establish a Permanent Weed Coordinator Position in Lincoln County

    Critical Geographic Areas:

  • Railroad and Roadway Corridors & Easements
  • Watersheds
  • Disturbed Areas & Subdivisions
  • Lands Adjacent to Forested Lands
  • Areas Associated with Agricultural Crop/Rangeland
  • Areas Identified as Having the Greatest Potential for Eradication
  • Urban and Small Acreage Landowners
  • Drainage Areas
  • Thinned Woodland Areas

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